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1. The End of Evangelion: 1997

2. Adventure Time: 2014

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Artist & Illustrator:
Bastien Lecouffe Deharme
Digital Painting


Artist & Illustrator:

Bastien Lecouffe Deharme


Digital Painting


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Scanned from “A Complete Guide to Special Effects Makeup”.

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Jodorowsky’s Dune
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It’s no coincidence that the central survivors at the end of the film aren’t tough white male patriarchs like Wilford or Curtis, but are Yona and Timmy: the polar opposites of the ruling classes who took charge of the train 17 years ago. Curtis is simultaneously a messianic cliche and a takedown of white saviour heroes, because the most important thing he does in the end is kill himself in order to save future generations from more of the same old bullshit.

He is a product of the train — in fact, the film makes sure to point out that Curtis can’t remember life before he was onboard — and as a result, he’s an asshole. He’s a brutal killer, and he has no qualms about meting out petty punishments like making Mason eat a cockroach bar while everyone else has sushi. The difference is that unlike Wilford and Gilliam, he recognises that he’s been corrupted by his surroundings. His drive for vengeance and power is the tool that frees people who otherwise might never have escaped: Yona and Timmy, the two great innocents of the movie. But if he’d survived as well, he probably would have turned into another Wilford. 

 The fascinating dystopia of SNOWPIERCER.

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  • my resume: one time i defeated a boss battle without dying
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tetsuok9999 - Knights of Sidonia 

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Wow! Terrific Adam Jensen watercolor fanart by


Wow! Terrific Adam Jensen watercolor fanart by

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Storm by Stephanie Hans


Storm by Stephanie Hans

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MV さんの illustraions / concepts / drawings / paintings ボードのピン | Pinter…

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